April 1 , 1917 Open Water, Joe Creek


April 1, 1917 Open Water Joe Creek

The lakes are still covered in ice but the streams and creeks are all open. In the summertime it’s the sound of the lakes that dominate but that’s not the case in early spring. It’s the creeks and streams that dominate the sounds of spring.

I chose a good place to sketch down Joe Creek. Once again, it’s the birches that dominate the scene. Most of the land near the shore was cleared long ago, and the birches dominate the shore.

I wasn’t too far away from the tracks where I was sketching. I could easily hear the trains and they were frequent. You knew which train was a troop train because you could hear the singing and cheering. For the life of me, I never knew how they could keep that up if they knew what they were getting into.

Shannon was telling me that because of the meat shortage in Toronto, they were thinking of opening the park to deer hunting. A flatcar would be sent down with the deer carcasses and firewood to help out with the coal shortage too.