April 4, 1917 Winter Scene


April 4, 1917 Winter Scene

During this time of year at Canoe Lake you never know what the day is going to be like. One day it’s like spring, the other, like winter. Today it feels like winter today and the snow’s not going anywhere.

I walked along the shore to the southern part of the lake, where Canoe Lake goes into Tea Lake. I passed by Gill Lake where there is good fishing. Toward Tea Lake, the faster running water in the narrow channel was breaking up some of the ice so it made for a nice scene. The spruces and hemlocks in front of the rest of the bush made for a nice contrast. Another good sketch today.

I had gone out early in the morning and was back by Mowat Lodge by lunch time. Shannon was there and he said he had received an important message from George Bartlett, Park Superintendent. Mark Robinson would be returning to Canoe Lake sometime this April. I was very pleased to hear this news.

Mark was a Park Ranger when I met him first in 1912 and we had become very good friends. I was shocked when he enlisted and went overseas. Especially since he had a wife and young son at home in Barrie. But he said he had the call of duty to go. I respected his decision. I told him I wasn’t about to try to enlist again. I had other things to do in life. I had tried to enlist to fight the Boers in South Africa. If they didn’t want me then, the wouldn’t want me now.

Shannon also said that he received word that Charlie Scrim would be arriving on Sunday. And to top it off, I received a letter from Florence McGillivray that she plans to visit in early May. Algonquin Hotel doesn’t open until June, and the Highland Inn is too expensive. She’ll be staying at Mowat Lodge.

So the lodge is starting to get busier. Despite the fact I liked to be alone a lot of the time, I appreciated the company when I needed it. I’ll need to coordinate the timing of the girls visits [Winnie and Florence]. I don’t want a scene.

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