TTLastSpring Pendant and Lure

I had an idea to make a pendant that could double as a fishing lure if required.  Over the past month, I designed it and made it.

Here is the final product.



I drew the inspiration from the shape of my palette.


The idea I had was to create an authentic looking pendant that was originally fashioned as a trout lure, but then re-purposed into a pendant as an impromptu gift to Winnie Trainor during our very last time together. It’s based on the type of fishing lures I made from the old discarded spoons from Mowat Lodge. As you can see, there is a darn good story here, I just haven’t told it yet. It will come.

Let me know what you think. So far this pendandt is one-of-a-kind. But if there is interest, I may make a limited series. All I will ask for is a fair price to cover my cost and time. What you will get is a piece of original jewellery made by Tom Thomson’s ghost and a good story to tell too.

If you are interested, please contact me directly at



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