Letter to Winnie Trainor, December 3, 1916

Sunday December 3, 1916

c/o Studio Building, 25 Severn Toronto

Dear Winnie,

I meant to write you sooner but things got in the way and I couldn’t write until now. I made it down from Huntsville okay. The train ride was good, there weren’t many other passengers going into the city and I had the car pretty much to myself. It was quite a sight when I arrived at Union Station. They were dumping milk on the streets. Someone told me that the City was having a problem with the dairies selling sour milk in the Ward and this caused some infant deaths. The City cracked down and started inspecting all the milk coming off the trains and seized the bad milk, dumping it right away

I returned and the Shack was a mess. I hadn’t  cleaned up in the spring when I left, so it took a bit to get things back in order. The folks in the Studio Building used the Shack for storage so I had to clear out the junk and bring it to the dump by the tracks in North Rosedale.

Dr MacCallum has visited me a couple times. You know him, he has a cottage on Go Home Bay. I’m spending the winter here painting canvases and will be back up in early spring. Things are pretty rotten here with the Temperance and Recruiting so I avoid the streets when they are busy. They have the good sense to leave you alone in the library but they’ve been stopping theatre shows in the middle to hand out feathers.

When I go up, I’ll stop by for a day or two. Remember me to your folks. 

Yours truly,




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