Have Your Say: How Real Time Do You Want Me To Be?

January 19, 1917

With other demands, it is difficult for me to keep up writing about all of the events in real time from 97 years ago. It’s already January 19th, 1917 and I still haven’t written all what happened to me at the Arts & Letters Club Members dinner on January 17th, 1917. The events and words exchanged that night deserve a worthy recount.

With my rush to write to journal entries, I sometimes let slip by typos, spelling mistakes and  sentences that don’t make sense. I try to fix these up as best and quickly as I can. I hope this doesn’t take from the experience. So I’d like to ask you what’s important to you as I begin again the journey into my last spring.

If you have a moment, please respond the poll below.



P. S. You can vote for more than one option.

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