April 4, 1917 Letter to Florence McGillivrary

Mowat P.O.
April 4, 1917

Dear Florence,

Thank you for your letter. I thought I’d better send one off to you quickly, so you can finalize your plans. It turns out that the lodge is filling up quickly, so I’ve asked Shannon to hold a room for you arriving May 4 and leaving on Sunday the 6th. Shannon’s got a whole crew coming in from Ottawa so space is tight and he wants a commitment. I’ve put the room reserve on my account.

You had a good show.That’s fab, but don’t expect that you’ll be able to charge more for your paintings.  You’ll become the more poor because you’ll have to attend all those social functions. Congratulations, nonetheless. Well deserved.  I look to you for inspiration.

As for the room, if I don’t receive word from you otherwise, I’ll expect you on May 4th. You should leave Toronto on the 8:10 so you get here in the afternoon.



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