April 9, 1917 Accounts with Shannon

April 9, 1917

Today, I needed to talk business with Shannon. I needed to figure out how long I could stay on the account of money I had given him.

Back in 1915, I came into a lot of money at one time. Because of the OSA Exhibition I sold two paintings for a total of $800. That was a good part of a year’s wage. I went up to the Park in April, and of course Shannon heard the news about the painting sales. He needed to get some boats for the lodge, and I lent him $250. He said that he would keep the money on account and pay me back the balance with interest, once he deducted my room and board. I thought it a pretty good deal, and the way I was drawing down, I’d be able to stay at Mowat Lodge for two full seasons if I didn’t ask for the money back. We settled on a rate of $1.25 a day, and if I did chores and odd jobs, he’d charge only 75 cents.

It turned out that during 1915 and 1916, I didn’t stay at the lodge much (I was fire ranging), so my balance was about $200 when I came back this spring. I needed to agree with Shannon on this balance, considering the interest. He wanted to raise the daily rate to $1.65 a day, almost 40 cents more. He said that cost of food and fuel had gone up so $1.65 was a good deal. If I helped out with the chores, he’d bring it down to a $1.00 a day. I agreed. So the starting balance was $200 and if I stayed until mid-July I could get about $100 back.

The late train brought in the afternoon papers from Ottawa and we learned more about the British attack.It started at 5:30 in the morning and the Canadians are fighting the Germans on the high ground at Vimy Ridge. The papers are saying that this marks a new phiase in the War. And I am painting in Algonquin Park