May 2, 1917 Brook Trout

May 2, 1917

Brook trout are God’s best fish. Anglers have a saying that after God practiced on other fish he made brook trout. I caught three today – two four-pounders and a fiver.

As soon as the ice breaks (that was yesterday) is when it’s the best time for brook trout. They like the cold, fast water and they’re near the shore in the spring looking for insects. With my fly rod and new flies I caught the trout by Joe Lake. I cast the fly, let it zig-zag a couple of times and let it drop on the surface. That’s when they usually strike. It’s a rarity for them to jump out and strike at your fly while in motion but that’s what one of four-pounders did. There’s no better way to catch a fish.

It should be good fishing near the shore for the next couple of weeks, then the trout will be heading to deeper water. As summer moves in, the trout move deeper and that’s when you need to use copper trolling wire and the shiny lures. That type of fishing will come soon enough, but I am enjoying the catching right now.

I received a letter from Florence and she will be arriving on Friday staying at the Lodge. Annie’s got a room set out for her, on the other side of the building. It’s about the farthest room from my room. Although Florence is nohing more than a good friend of mine, I can see that Annie plans to keep it that way. I’m sure during the night she’ll set tripwires and bells.

The frogs are now making a racket. They call them the Spring Peepers and they are loud. It makes you want to wish for colder weather again to quiet the little pests down. We’ll have to contend with the noise for the better part of the month.