May 19, 1917 Dr. MacCallum Arrives

May 19, 1917

Dr. MacCallum arrived at Mowat Lodge this morning with his son, Arthur. They came on the train around 12:30 and Shannon brought them back shortly after 1pm. Annie knew they were coming so she kept a hot lunch ready for them. We are going canoeing for a few days before Victoria Day.

Earlier in the morning, I went to Mark Robinson’s shelter hut near Joe Lake Station. The main reason why I went was to ask Mark if I could hang my sketches there. I also was thinking about holding my spring show there because it was close to the Hotel Algonquin and it would be easier for their guests to come. Mark said no. He was worried about having the sketches stolen while at his place. I said I would take full responsibility but he still didn’t want to do it. That was ok. I’ll have the show at Mowat Lodge and I’ll make it an art showing event during the evening dinner time.

In the afternoon, while the Dr. and Arthur took a nap, I got everything set for the canoe trip. I got the foodstuffs: maple syrup, flour bacon. Coffee I got from the Colson store and some Klim too. As for the canoes and blankets, I am using my own canoe and Dr. MacCallum will be renting one from the Frasers. I also got several blankets and my own too. I have two tents, one is my own and the other is from the Frasers. My other tent I left set up at the Hayhurst campsite. Since the train trip was pretty tiring for the both of them I suggested they stay the night with the Frasers and we’ll get underway after breakfast tomorrow (Sunday). Charlie Scrim is coming too, so we’ll be an even party of four.

I saw Winnie only for a few moments today. I told her I was busy getting ready for a guiding trip with Dr. MacCallum. I told her I was being paid for this trip so it was my priority to get things ready instead of spending time with her. I’ll try to see her later this evening, but I will be staying the night at Mowat Lodge because we want to set out early tomorrow morning. Dr. MacCallum wants to take a close look at my sketches and talk about my plans. I was thinking about inviting Winnie up to the lodge for dinner tonight but I don’t think it will be wise have Winnie in this conversation and it might be awkward with the other guests. I’ll keep the invitation when I have the show this Thursday (24th). We’ll be back on Wednesday night. That will give me the morning to set up. I hope to make two or three more sketches while canoeing with Dr. MacCallum. He wants to see me make sketches firsthand.

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