June 5, 1917 Too Tired to Write

June 5, 1917

A long day of guiding today. Flies and rain are never the best companies especially when the company you’re with is not too friendly. They dumped the canoe and got everything wet. Had to go to the shore and try to dry things out but not possible in the rain. It’ll be a wet night with unhappy campers. The camp site we found is close to sand so it is getting into everything but the breeze is good to keep the bugs away.  The camp site has a good view of the sunset and should a have good view of the sunrise. There’s some deer not to far away, I saw them in the bush.

Despite the upsets, rain and poor company I prefer to do this than being inside. I should have asked Lawrie Dickson to come with me. I would have happily split the pay with him for the good company.

They’re asking about Sims Pit again. We’ll go by there tomorrow but it won’t be at night like they wanted.

I am wondering about Winnie. Wondering if she has sent a letter. I won’t know until I get back to the lodge. That’s it for tonight. I have to finish cleaning up. I hope to be able to have a smoke with my pipe in peace.

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