July 7,1917 Going Over to George Rowe’s

July 7, 1917

Against my better judgment I am going over to George Rowe’s party tonight.

Everyone is out of sorts with the news of conscription. I’m sure to be called up. Most likely Lowrie too. I doubt Shannon will get called. Martin Blecher is an American, so he’ll get called up in Buffalo. It’s a sorry thing to see an American vacationing avoiding the call-up while the locals are.

It was raining earlier in the day. It’s warmer now but the weather hasn’t promised to clear up yet. It may rain again later in the night. I can see a light at the Trainor cottage. Nobody is expected there but Hugh may have come up for work.

The sun just came out. It’s brighter but the clouds are still thick by the horizon.

I don’t have much here. I don’t have much at all.

I’ll change my socks and go over to George’s.

July 7, 1917 Letter to Winnie Trainor

Mowat P.O. July 7, 1917

Dear Winnie,

I received your letter the other day. I’m leaving Mowat Lodge and I am going to ask Shannon for the rest of the money. I expect to to get back almost $200 after Shannon takes his amount for my room and board at the Lodge. This should be good to fix things for now.

I won’t be coming back to Huntsville.  I am leaving for good, going out West. I know you will be angry but I don’t see any other way. My painting has been good this spring but I can’t seem to do any more here. I’ll send what I’ve got left to Dr. MacCallum. They’re at your cottage with some of my gear. I did see your father a while back. He was up for work. I stayed my distance and he didn’t go out of his way to say anything to me. I figured he knew already. I’m sorry to hear your mother won’t go back to church on my account for bringing shame on the family. Marriage won’t make it right now because the mark will never go away. Billy Bear Lodge wouldn’t take a reservation from me. I know this is rotten but I can’t come back to Huntsville. Your father will put a poker through my skull.

I plan to go to wrap up business here and I leave quietly. In the next days I’ll ask the Dr  to send the money to you when he sells my sketches.




July 7, 1917 Letter to Dr. MacCallum

Mowat P. O. July 7, 1917

Dear Sir:

I am still around Frasers and have not done any sketching since the flies started. The weather has been wet and cold all spring and the flies and mosquitoes much worse than I have seen them any year and the fly dope doesn’t have any effect on them. This however is the second warm day we have had this year and another day or so like this will finish them. Will send my winter sketches down in a day or two and have every intention of making some more but it has been almost impossible lately. Have done some guiding this spring and will have some other trips this month and next with probably sketching in between.

Yours truly
Tom Thomson