July 8, 1917 Dockside Farewell

July 8, 1917 12:45pm

A final note before I leave. I doubt I’ll have time to write much over the next few weeks so this might be my last entry for a while.

Shannon came down with the supplies I needed. He also came down with $35. That’s all he said he had to give me for now. I took it and packed it away. I didn’t tell him, but he knew that this might be the last time he’d ever see me again. I had a reputation of disappearing without notice and showing up unannounced. I left last fall without saying a decent goodbye, so this wouldn’t be anything new.

I asked Shannon about the sketches. They’re still at the Trainors. Intact for now. Once I got the canoe packed up, I would paddle over and fetch them. I’d take them with me, and where it was possible, I would ship them down to Dr. MacCallum in Toronto. I could probably ship them from Dwight or Lake of Bays. I can’t trust Shannon to do this for me.

It started to rain as I packed up. Shannon said he had to get out of the rain or he’d have to change his suit. I bid him goodbye and he started back towards the lodge. I got into my canoe. It wasn’t completely laden down, so it rode a bit higher than usual and was less stable.

One thought on “July 8, 1917 Dockside Farewell”

  1. Just a line to say thank you for all your entertaining entries. I thoroughly enjoyed your creative vision and interpretations through TT’s eyes. Kudos to you!

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