Mysterious Fates of Tom

July 8, 1917

Dear followers,

I am last seen on July 8, 1917.

How I met my fate has never been conclusively resolved. Nor is it settled on where my body finally rests at Canoe Lake or Leith Cemetery. This story never ends and that is why I am writing to you today. For my each of fates, I have created hashtags for the eight possibilities. If you want to learn more about each fate, or add to the story, use the hashtags below:

Fate 1: Accidental Death

I fell out of my canoe, drunk, or during the act of urinating. Either way, or both, I hit my head and fell overboard. It was an accident. Follow this fate at: #ttfate1

Fate 2: Suicide

With an inevitable fate closing in on me, I had no choice but to end my life. Follow this fate at: #ttfate2

Fate 3: Death at the hands of Martin Blecher

Martin Blecher and I got into a fight the night before I was last seen. He decided to settle the score the next day. Follow this fate at: #ttfate3

Fate 4: Death at the hands of Hugh Trainor

Hugh Trainor, Winnie’s father becomes mighty upset at me. Enough to get into fisticuffs and striking me down. Follow this fate at: #ttfate4

Fate 5: Death at the hands of Shannon Fraser

Shannon owed me money, or if you believed his version of the story, I owed him money. The ensuing argument caused me to trip and dash my head on a fire grate. Follow this fate at: #ttfate5

Fate 6: Death at the hands of a Poacher

Poachers were a ruthless bunch. They didn’t like being challenged, especially in a canoe with load of pelts. My duty as a guide, to apprehend poachers goes horribly awry. Follow this fate at: #ttfate6

Fate 7: Disappearance

Poachers dress the same as guides. In this fate, it’s the poacher that gets the short end of the bargain. I realize that this is an opportunity to escape, wrapping up the loose ends of my life here, and starting with a new identity elsewhere. Follow this fate at: #ttfate7

Fate 8: Death of Natural Causes

My recovery from a childhood sickness leaves behind a unknown but deadly health condition. As the tension grows, and my stress rises, this deadly condition suddenly rears itself and I have no chance but to succumb. Follow this fate at#ttfate8

Some may believe in one fate over the other and that is the end of the story. But they are all possible, no matter how remote the likelihood, and that’s why this story never ends.

You can follow all of the clues and add to the speculation using:  #ttclue

I’ll get back to my journal writing now. The bugs are biting bad and I plan to turn in soon. I may have some guide work in the next few days. But I promise you June 1917 will turn out to be an eventful and dramatic last month of my life. And July 1917 will be fateful, not only for me, but for all of Canada, as I understand.

Please follow me and keep the story going.




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