Spirit of a Woman

From a recent Spirit Calling:

Tom refused to respond but another Spirit identified itself as a woman and through a series of questions we discovered the following:

– she wasn’t related to Tom

– she was from Toronto

– she’d never been to Owen Sound but she’d spent time at Mowat Lodge

– she didn’t consider herself a painter but she had painted with Tom

– when asked if she had been in love with Tom the answer was so strongly yes that the pendulum was almost pulled out of my hand BUT when I asked her if she was Winnie Trainer the answer was a strong no

– she was deeply sad when Tom died

– she knew how Tom died

– she said Tom was still at Canoe Lake

– she said Tom didn’t know that she loved him

– she said she was attached to some of the works in our collection

– she was younger than Tom

– we asked if we’d be able to find her name in any of the books written about Tom and she said maybe