Regulations Concerning the Transport of Bodies

The regulation applies to badly-decomposed bodies as well…

By order of the Provincial Minister of Health, 1916

The body of anyone who has died of bubonic plague, smallpox, asiatic cholera, typhus fever, scarlet fever or any communicable disease in respect of which the Minister of Health may declare by regulation this regulation to be applicable shall not be transported by railway, boat or other conveyance within the Province or beyond it, unless all orifices of the body have first been blocked with absorbent cotton, the body itself wrapped in a sheet saturated with a strong disinfectant fluid, and the body enclosed in metal or metal-lined coffin or casket that is permanently sealed to prevent its being opened and to prevent leakage.

These provisions shall be carried out to the satisfaction of the Medical Health Officer of the district concerned or other constituted authority, whose certificate to this effect shall appear on the outside of the coffin or casket.

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