A Note and Thank You to my Followers

July 21, 2014

To my Followers,

This concludes the 2014 version of Tom Thomson: Journal of My Last Spring. I want to thank everyone who has followed, or more importantly, believed and joined in on my adventure.

If all goes to plan I return in real time on November 28th, 2014 (98 years on from 1916). During the interim I will be tweeting or adding journal entries intermittently. There exist numerous sad and angry letters exchanged during the summer and fall of 1917. I hope to post these letters. I will also tweet sketches or anything that is interest to Tom, including anything that you bring to my attention . I remind you that there  are still lost clues and sketches out there to be found. The mystery continues and I welcome the continuing conversation.

If you’ve enjoyed Tom Thomson’s Last Spring, I’d love to know. Tweet to me, mention me or send me an email at ttlastspring@gmail.com .

I can’t predict what will happen next year. Something, to be sure.



5 thoughts on “A Note and Thank You to my Followers”

  1. Thank You ttlastspring for your time and efforts in generating public interest towards such a great man (yourself) and his romantic though tragic story.

  2. You sparked the imaginations of 22 children in my class who read about Tom, asked questions and attempted painting in his style to learn more about him.. Thank you. You brought the classroom alive.

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