July 23, 1917 Letter from TJ Harkness to RH Flavelle Undertaker

July 23, 1917

Dear Sir,

I have been handed your account for attending to the body of Tom Thomson and for casket and etc. as I have been appointed to look after the affairs of the estate of the deceased. I may say that I think your account is exhorbitant and I will and I will not pay it in full, but will deduct $15.00 off price of casket and $10.00 off embalming fees, and if you are not satisfied, I will pay amount of account less $25.00 into court and you may proceed to collect the balance.

I am doing this after substituting your account to competent undertakers and am allowing just double for embalming that is charged in this part and I might say that the man we got to furnish metallic lined casket to bring the body home only charged $75.00 for his work and the casket and we paid his fare to Canoe Lake. The casket you furnished is still at Canoe Lake and it may still be of some use to you. I will settle your account as soon as the necessary legal steps have been taken.

Yours truly,
T. J. Harkness

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