July 8, 1914 Letter of Fred Varley

July 8, Tuesday night,
Go Home P. O., Georgian Bay, Ontario, c/o Dr. MacCallum

Dear Fred,

This is only to be a short note.

I am leaving here about the end of the week and back to the woods for the summer.

Am sorry I did not take your advice and stick to camping. This place is getting too much like north Rosedale to suit me — all birthday cakes and water ice etc. Will be over in Algonquin Park from about a week from today-couldn’t you and Mrs. Varley come up and camp for a month or two. If you could get hold of a small tent about 4’ X 7’ or anything that I could sleep in, your people could use mine which is about 7 X 10 and you would have lots of room. The one cooking outfit and canoe would be okay to get along with.

Have not made any sketches for a few weeks but feel like starting again. How is the weather down your way, suppose it is some warm. It will be alright up in this country so you should smoke up and come. If you write me this week send the letter c/o Mowat-Algonquin Park. Say hello to Mrs. Varley, Mrs. Pinder, Dorothy, John and the fellows in the shop. Say Fred, it will be fine to be camping again-

Tom Thomson

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