My Hauntings Are Becoming More Real

September 21, 1916 (or 2014)

My hauntings are now becoming more real…

Next week I will be stepping out of the Twittersphere to do reading by the campfire. It also looks like we’ll be making a journey to the gravesite the next day, Sunday morning, September 28th at 9am, starting at the docks at Canoe Lake.

I’ve also started to do some location-based haunting through Twitter. Every once in awhile, I will show up virtually (i.e. in spirit) at a significant location (gallery, grave, statue, etc.) and retweet recent tweets made at that location. Already, I have shown up at Canoe Lake Cemetery, Leith Cemetery, the Studio Building, and downtown Huntsville. You’ll know that I am tweeting from there because you will see the location in my tweet.

My twitter feed will start in real time on November 28, 1916 (2014) but in the meantime, you can expect unexpected hauntings, ghostly appearances, and who knows what else?

So enjoy this story, because of the mystery this story never ends.



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