November 9, 1916 Letter to Winnie Trainor

Mowat Lodge                      Algonquin Park
~~~ Best Trout Fishing in Park ~~~
~~~ Only 8 hours by Train from Toronto. 6 hours from Ottawa ~~~
~~~ Telegram: Canoe Lake ~~~

Nov 9, 1916

Dear Winnie,

I’m here at the Frasers and plan to leave on the Sat. morning train back to Toronto. I can stop over to see you in Huntsville if your parents will have me. I’ll bring some cranberries that I got in Achray.

Sorry for not writing this summer. The fire-ranging in the dry weather took all our time. We fought a number of small fires, thankfully no big one like the one in Matheson.

I can come by the store around noon. If it is okay with your parents, I’ll stay on, but if not I can catch the next train to Toronto. I checked your cottage. Everything is ok. A skunk tried to get in underneath for the winter but Lowrie and I got him out and closed the hole back up.



November 9, 1916 Letter to JEH MacDonald




Nov 9, 1916

Dear Jim,

A short note to let you know I’ll be returning to the City next week. I’m still at the Frasers helping them get settled for the winter. Am planning to stay another two days and leave on Sat. morning train. I may stay over a night in Huntsville so expecting to be back on Monday or Tuesday latest. Obliged if you can make sure the Shack is unlocked when I return. You can ask Bill to check.

I hope you and the Mrs and doing well. Please give my regards to Thoreau.

I am bringing almost 100 sketches back with me. The Dr. will be happy.

I remain yours,