The Loafer and the Pig

A song dedicated to Shannon Fraser on the dangers of whisky.


I went down to New Brunswick some friends for too see,
I met a fair damsel and went on a spree;
The whisky was strong and it went to my head,
So I went out the door to lie down in the shed.

Along came an old sow and lay down by my side,
And I dreamed I was sleeping with a handsome young bride;
I turned to embrace her, but her breath was too strong,
So I turned back over and left her alone.

When the Ostler came by and saw us lie there,
He said ’twas a share to disturb such a pair,
So he called all the women both little and big,
To see the damned loafer asleep with a pig.

I jumped to my feet and made haste for to run,
But the women clapped hands for they thought it was fun,
Good luck to old bottle, though you made me feel shame,
Good luck to old whisky, I’ll drink it again!


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