January 23, 1917 Letter to Father

January 23, 1917

Monday, Studio Building,Severn Street, Toronto

Dear Father,

I got both your letters Saturday night. The first one had got down behind the directory in the hall and was out of sight until I looked for it where I got two other letters for people in the building.

The cranberries were shipped from Achray between North Bay and Pembroke on the CN. I think they are charging too much as I was only charged 55 cents for two boxes the same size and weight, and a packsack weighing more than both together, that included  delivering from the shed to my place which is three miles, so you can see that compared with my stuff, they are charging more.

I will pay the freight myself later on as I could not do so at the place they were shipped from. There is no agent at Achray and the conductor could not attend to it on the train.

I was very sorry to hear that you have all been ill and hope that you will get over it quickly.  I hope that Peggie didn’t start away too soon after her sickness and that she will be all right at North Bay.  For myself I have been first rate and am getting considerable work done. It is too bad about your first letter but I have fixed the board so it cannot happen again.

Hoping you folks are all well soon.

I am your affectionate son,


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