May 3, 1917 Florence Arrives

May 3, 1917

Florence arrived on the train this afternoon. She’s spending a few days here at Mowat Lodge and then continuing on to Ottawa to stay with relatives.

I went with Shannon to pick her up at the station. The ground has dried enough that he can drive his wagon up to the station but the road is still muddy and we got stuck on the way back. I carried Florence’s luggage but she had to walk through the mud and her skirt was a muddy affair by the time she reached the Lodge.

Florence got a room upstairs near the middle. The Crombies are at the far end, and Charlie Scrim is in between. Her room is closer to mine than what Annie had intended but far enough in her mind to guarantee that no untoward activities would happen during the night.

Dinner was a rather awkward affair. The Frasers decided to have their dinner in the kitchen and serve the ‘guests’ in the dining room: Florence, Daphne, Robin, Charlie and me. The consumptives were served in their room.

Daphne and Robin left promptly for their room after dinner. That left me, Florence and Charlie to sit by the fireplace for the rest of the evening. Annie came out to clear away the dishes. I could tell she was agitated. She broke the vase I painted for Daphne. I believe it was intentional.

Tomorrow I will show Florence around the place, but tonight it is a matter of making her feel comfortable and welcome.