Please Join Me – Invitation to My Spring Exhibition May 24, 1917

Mowat Letterhead-640May 22 1917

You are invited to attend my Spring Exhibition to be held on the Victoria Day Holiday at Mowat Lodge on May 24, 1917 (two days from today). I will be showing my boards I have painted from March until May.

The agenda for the evening:

5pm Arrival and viewing of Sketches. Over 60 of my sketches will be on display in the Mowat Lodge Dining Room.

6pm Dinner. A menu of Annie Fraser’s finest. ( I have been told alcohol will not be provided.)

7pm A brief talk about my sketches.

I sincerely hope you can come. We are expecting about 25 to 30 people: guests from Mowat Lodge, some from Hotel Algonquin, and neighbours. Mark Robinson, Algonquin Park Ranger has accepted.

If you cannot attend in person, please follow the evening by telegram as I have made special arrangements to run messages up to Canoe Lake Station.

As it promises to be a fine evening, please join me, if you can.


Tom Thomson


One thought on “Please Join Me – Invitation to My Spring Exhibition May 24, 1917”

  1. Dear Mr Thomson, thank you very much for the invitation. I am sure I would attend were I in the park at the time. It would be so wonderful to meet you and view your vision of spring at Algonquin. Admiration for your “Canadian” painting grows daily, here in the city.
    I am sad to share that I will not be north until September or October. I sincerely hope to meet you at that time, I will surely stay at Mowat Lodge at that time.
    Congratulations on your show.
    In anticipation of our meeting,
    Kate Wallis

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