July 20, 1917 Mark Robinson Note re: Tom Thompson

July 20

Note re Tom Thompson artist

found in Boat floating in Lake by Martin and Bessie Bletcher

1 Gal Can Maple Syrup 1.5 lb tin of Jam
1 Rubber sheet
Brought up from Dock three old tin Pails
1 Pair Bucksin Moccasins
1 axe
3 trolling spoons lines etc

Statement by Charlie Scrimm

took with him small tin Pain 3 Pints
1 lb of rice
1 Can of Sugar about 1lb
Ham 2lbs 1/2 Dozen Potatoes
Small frying pan Split Bamboo fishing Rod
Reel line etc Landing net

Dress worn by Mr Tom Thompson
Lumbermans Grey Woolen Shirts Heavy
Kahake Trousers
Canvas Shoes. white no Hat or [..]
left Frasers Dock after 1230pm to go to Tea Lake
There or went later. Canoe found floating
By Miss Blecher and Bro at 305pm Sunday

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