October 4, 1916 Letter to Dr. MacCallum

October 4, 1916

Basin Depot, Oct. 4, 1916
Dr. MacCallum, 26 Warren Road

Dear Sir,

I received both your letters at the same time and was glad to hear about things in Toronto. The Country up here is just taking the fall colour and by the end of the week will be at its best.

Could you arrange to come up this week? You could get a train to Achray at Pembroke Sat. night at 7:30 or more likely 10 o’clock and be here somewhere about 12. The train leaves from Brent Sunday morning then the next one down is Wednesday morning but I could paddle you down to Pettawa from here any day you should want to go out.

Have done very little sketching this summer as I find that the two jobs don’t fit in. It would be great for two artists or whatever you call us but the natives can’t see what we paint for. A photo would be great but the painted things are awful. When we are traveling two go together one for the canoe and the other the pack and there’s no place for a sketch outfit when you’re fire ranging.

We are not fired yet but I am hoping to be put off right away.

Thanking you for your letters.

I am Yours Truly,

Tom Thomson

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