March 7, 1917 Seven Asking Prices

March 7, 1917

The asking prices of seven of my artist colleagues for their works in the upcoming 45th OSA Spring Exhibition opening two days from now, on March 9, 1917

My paintings are still in the Shack with no asking price. That’s fine by me but I do find it rather brazen to ask a half year’s wages for a painting during wartime.


Frank Carmichael
34. Sunlight $600

Lawren Harris (Camp Borden)
58. Decorative Landscape $600

AY Jackson (Overseas)
60. The Cedar Swamp $300

Francis Johnston
69. Spring Song in the North $600

Arthur Lismer (Halifax)
84. Georgian Bay, Spring $500

JEH MacDonald
88. Wilds Ducks $600

Fred Varley
128. Squally Weather, Georgian Bay $500

3 thoughts on “March 7, 1917 Seven Asking Prices”

  1. This is so inreresting. I noticed in an eatlier posting thatThomson sold one for $300, a lot for that time period.

    1. Exactly… I had guessed it would be much higher and closer to $30,000 if not $50K if it was a half of a year’s salary. The price of a canvas has not gone up much in a century.

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