May 8, 1917 Letter to Dr. MacCallum

Mowat Letterhead-640

May 8, 1917

Dr. MacCallum,

Dear Sir,

Could you not stop off at Canoe Lake on your way up. It is eight miles this side of the Highland Inn and is the best starting point going either north or south. If you wanted to see the outfit at Cache Lake would you come back to Canoe Lake on the afternoon train which leaves there at about 2:30 pm and you would be back here in about 20 minutes otherwise I would have to pack the outfit over about 2 or 3 miles portage and we would have it back again where we could see the same place from Smoke Lake going light.

You can get any extra blankets or stuff from Fraser and I have all the supplies including

1 gallon maple syrup, pail of jam, plenty bacon, potatoes, Bread tea, sugar, all kinds of canned stuff, tents, canoes cooking outfit plates etc. I tried to get some chocolate and failed have no Klim, & no coffee. That I think is everything we need for two or three weeks including Williamson. The weather for the last two days has been fine and warm.

Will expect you either Friday or Saturday and will not go over to Highland Inn unless you want specially to start our from there.

If the weather is bad, we may arrange to get in one of the Rangers Shelter Huts.

Yours Truly

Tom Thomson

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