Mark Robinson’s Journal July 13, 1917

Friday 13

Morning wet. We returned to to Canoe Myself and son Jack Robinson searched Bertrams Island and the western shore of Canoe Lake also the Portage to Gaunther lakes to which we carried our canoe. After searching the Gaunther Lakes we went north up the Gilmore Road for about Half a mile when we turned west for about a mile then north to a Large Beaver Pond which we went around and travelled south to Gills Creek where we turned west to Gills Lake. At Gill’s Lake we found Mr. Colsons Canoe or Canvas Boat. Found no traces of any person having been there for some time. We returned to Canoe Lake having called on Mr. Fraser and Mr. Thompson We also called on Mr. Lowrie Dixon and fire Ranger MacDonald then returned home and met evening train.

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