July 8th, 2017: Follow the Final Account

On July 8th, 1917, I was last seen at the dock of Mowat Lodge. No one thought much of my departure until my upturned canoe was reported to the attention of Park Ranger Mark Robinson.

Eight days later, a body was found. To most, this was a morbid conclusion, a finality after days of hope and desperation. To others, it was a mystery, a tragedy. And to a few, a secret to be held. To this day, the final account has not been told. A century of speculation and hearsay have fueled intrigued and built a mythology, but no resolution and final account

On July 8th, 2017, the final account will be revealed in real time Рone hundred years to the day, to the minute, to the second as it happened in 1917.  You will be surprised. It will not be as what you expect. But you will see that it could be no other way. Mark the date РJuly 8, 2017.

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‘Tom Thomson’