March 22, 1917 Visitors

March 22, 1917

I had visitors from Owen Sound today. Tom Harkness, my brother-in-law, and his associate Walter Davidson are in Toronto for business.  Tom’s niece, Louise Julian, came too, with her school friend, Miss Andrews.

I asked Tom how my sister Elizabeth was doing and how things were going at the farm. Tom said the bairns are growing faster than the weeds. Elizabeth is staying in Owen Sound to help with Father. He’s been sick and bit of a handful for Mother and Aunt Henrietta. Everyone was worried that it was consumption but it turned out to be a nasty bout of pneumonia. Father’s on the mend now.

Louise was happy to see me again.  After the Christmas holidays, Louise and I came back  together on the train. She’s taking an art course at the College. I was supposed to call on her but I never did.

After their visit, we took the Yonge streetcar to King St. and had lunch at the hotel (Tom paid). We retrieved their luggage from the hotel and took a carriage to Union Station, as Tom and Walter had to catch the one o’clock train to Owen Sound. I said I wouldn’t make it up this spring but I might visit later in the summer.  Once I saw them off, I walked back up by Church. I didn’t want to pass by the soldiers making trouble at the Employment Office.

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