April 21, 1917 Letter to Dr. MacCallum

Mowat P.O.

Apr 21, 1917

Dear Dr:

I have been here for over three weeks and they have gone very quickly. For the last two or three days the weather has been fairly warm and last night we had quite a heavy thunderstorm and the snow is pretty well cleared off.  Just patches in the bush on the north side of the hills and in the swamps, so now I will have to hunt for places to sketch when I want snow. However the ice is still on the lakes but it is very thin this year on account of deep snow over it through the winter so it will not last very long.

If you come up here this spring I would suggest that you come some time around the 10th of May as the flies are not going properly until about the 24th.

It is likely the ice will be out sometime this month.

Have made quite a few sketches this spring. Have scraped quite a few and think that some that I have kept should go the same way. However I keep on making them

Yours truly

Tom Thomson

One thought on “April 21, 1917 Letter to Dr. MacCallum”

  1. Imagine him scraping Tom Thomson paintings!

    Global warming hasn’t affected when the ice goes out!

    And in those days they used coal for everything.

    That’s why there were so many consumptives.


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