July 8th, 2017 Canoe With The Ghost of Tom Thomson 100 Years On

On July 8th,2017 celebrate Tom Thomson’s limitless legacy by paddling in the path of Canada’s most celebrated painter during his final hours in 1917, 100 years later.

I have been invited by the Portage Store to accompany their experienced guide who will give an orientation talk about Algonquin Park and provide thorough instructions on canoeing. I will tell the story of Tom’s last days as we trace his final hours to the very location he was last seen 100 years ago. I will tell you of the mystery, including a new theory on how Tom may have met his demise on that gloomy, rainy day on July 8th, 1917.

We’ll start at the docks, 10 am, along the way, we will break for a tasty shoreline lunch and then paddle our way back. The trip finishes back at The Portage Store at 3:30 pm.

If you wish to come along, please visit this page for further details and to confirm your reservation.



June 30, 1917 Letter to Winnie Trainor

June 30, 1917

Mowat P.O.

Winnie Trainor, Huntsville

Dear Winnie,

I could not make the reservation at Billie Bear Lodge. We must meet in South River instead. I’ve sent some of my gear to the Wattie family and we can leave from there. I am planning to be at the New Queen’s Hotel on Saturday, July 14th. I plan to leave from Mowat Lodge on Sunday the 8th by canoe and make my way to South River. You can take the train early Saturday and meet me there. On Sunday, we can take the train to North Bay or to the Soo to catch a lake steamer.