A Note of Thank You

July 21, 2017

wpid-wp-5322.jpgTo my Followers,

This concludes the 2017 real-time version of Tom Thomson: Journal of My Last Spring. This has been my sixth annual edition.

I want to thank everyone who has followed, or more importantly, believed in me on this adventure. There is no greater motivation for me than followers who have made this story their own story too, and this has truly given me energy to carry on each year.

I also want to thank those who have pointed out errors, asked me questions, or provided me with new information to add to the story. My goal, if all goes well, by 2017, is to have the most accurate and detailed timeline of Tom’s last months on this earth. This includes the detailed time after his sad and tragic passing.

I remind you that there are still lost clues and sketches out there to be found. The mystery continues and I am gathering clues to what might another solution to the mystery.

I hope that this story, after 2017, 100 years after Tom’s death, will tweet in perpetuity on an annual cycle for everyone to learn and appreciate a defining moment in our Canadian history.

In the meantime I will return once again in real-time on November 28th, 2016 (100 years on from 1916) with the fifth edition of Tom Thomson: Journal of My Last Spring. Leading up to this date I will be intermittently tweeting, adding journal entries, or doing the occasional haunting and solving the mystery.

If you’ve enjoyed Tom Thomson’s Last Spring, I’d love to know. Tweet to me, re-tweet me, favourite me or mention me or send me an email at ttlastspring@gmail.com .

I can’t predict what will happen next year. Something, to be sure.




10 thoughts on “A Note of Thank You”

  1. Thank you so much for helping celebrate one of Canada’s most wonderful artists in this 150th year of Canada’s existence. It has been an interesting and insightful read and I look forward to more!!

    Robin Mikjaniec St Thomas Ontario

    On Fri, Jul 21, 2017 at 1:32 PM, Tom Thomson’s Last Spring wrote:

    > ttlastspring posted: “July 21, 2017 To my Followers, This concludes the > 2017 real-time version of Tom Thomson: Journal of My Last Spring. This has > been my sixth annual edition. I want to thank everyone who has followed, or > more importantly, believed in me on this adve” >

  2. I’ve loved receiving these posts. I was well aware of the tragic ending but eagerly looked forward to getting the emails. I’ve never been caught up in the cult of celebrity but since I was very young Tom and John McCrae have been my heroes. They still are. Both were born in small towns in Ontario and were only a few years apart in age.

    I’ve saved all the posts and will re-read them. Do you have any plans to publish a book?

    Sybil Jackson Bracebridge, Ontario (approximately one hour from the West Gate of Algonquin Park.)

  3. I’m really going to miss my daily visits from you Tom. Your letters came at the perfect time in my life — when I was writing you as a character in my new book. There were little details about you that were very helpful to my story. Until next time, keep painting.

  4. Tim (Tom),

    This has been a most enjoyable, sad, and engaging journey. I only knew of his work peripherally (my husband is a great fan of his work) but the tweets and blog posts have drawn me into the mystery and sadness of this great loss. I want justice! (alas, not to be found). I will never own an original but will definitely have a print at some point in my future.

    I am also most curious of the child who may or may not have been his offspring.

    You have done a terrific job of time-shifting Tom from a hundred years ago to today. So well done. You made it real. I am so pleased that you brought this to my attention (and I had no idea of your many talents).

    Thanks for all the hard work you have put in to bring this forward for us.

    Congratulations! So honoured to say that I worked with you (well – sort a’).




  5. I have read every word with great anticipation and yes, sorrow, because I knew the inevitable ending. I will miss Tom’s daily life updates very much although as the time drew near I almost dreaded each one.
    I have been gifted with a print which I treasure, from my youngest daughter who also admires Tom’s work.
    Thank you for this very real look at an iconic Canadian. I’m also curious about what eventually became of Winnie and her child.
    I will so miss Tom’s emails. You have indeed brought him to life in the most wonderful way.
    Florence Button.

  6. Thank you for starting my days off with Canada’s greatest mystery. I have enjoyed the past years more than you can imagine. All the best Tom.

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