July 17, 1917 Mark Robinson’s Journal Entry

Tuesday, July 17

Morning fine.

Undertakers Dixon and Flavell came in last night Roy Dixon staying with me. This morn Supt Bartlett ordered me to await arrival of Dr. Ranney Cor. from North Bay should he not arrive to have body taken out of water and put in casket. This we did Dr. Howland examined Body at my Request. We found a bruise on left temple about four inches long Evidently caused by falling on a Rock otherwise no marks of Violence on Body Dr. Howland and Undertakers advised having Body Burried. I reported to Supt Bartlett by phone and he ordered him Burried which we carried out at little cemetary at Canoe Lake Mr Martin Blecher Sr Reading the funeral service Miss Winnifred Trainor and Miss Terry went out on the evening train. About 8 PM Dr Ranney arrived and took the evidince of Mr. Edwin Colson at Joe Lake we then went to Canoe Lake and met at Martin Blechers Home where I had assembled Dr. Howland. Mr and Miss Blecher Hugh Trainor Geo Rowe and self Evedince was taken etc.

July 17, 1917 Affidavit of Dr. G.W. Howland

Canoe Lake
July 17-17.

Dr. G. W. Howland qualified medical practitioner of Toronto, Ont., Sworn, Said:

I saw body of man floating in Canoe Lake Monday, July 16th, at about 10 A. M. and notified Mr. George Rowe a resident who removed body to shore. On 17th Tuesday, I examined boyd and found it to be that of a man aged about 40 years in advanced stage of decomposition, face abdomen and limbs swollen, blisters on limbs, was a bruise on right temple size of 4” long, no other sign of external marks visible on body, air issuing from mouth, some bleeding from right ear, cause of death drowning.

(Sgd.) Gordon W. Howland,
M. R. N.A.C.P.

July 17, 1917 Owen Sound Sun: Tom Thomson Likely Drowned

Owen Sound Sun, July 17, 1917


No Official Confirmation Yet Received but Family Fears Worst, Should Know Tonight

Relatives of Mr. Tom Thomson, the Toronto artist who has been missing since July 8th and whose canoe was found on Canoe Lake, Algonquin Park, received a telegram yesterday containing the information that he had been found. The telegram however does not state whether he is alive, or whether it is his body which has been found, but says only, “Tom found this morning.” Queries were at once sent back but at noon today no reply had been received. His relatives are hoping that Mr. Thomson is safe but they will not know until a reply to their mesage reaches them. Mr. George Thomson, a brother, who was visiting Col.and Mrs. Telford, and who went up to Algonquin Park to search for Mr. Thomson, returned on Saturday night without the slightest clue to what his brother’s fate had been, but the uncertainty will likely be settled by this evening. The family fear the worst, however, as the telephone message, received in a roundabout way this morning gives little hope, but this they will not give up until the answer to the telegram is received.

July 16, 1917 Mark Robinson’s Journal Entry

Monday, July 16

Morning fine and clear I washed and Baked Bread We spent forenoon cleaning up around and. Mr and Mrs Dougherty called this morning and got Key to look over the Boys Camp at Little Joe Lake.

Charles Scrim reported that Tom Thompson’s body was found in Canoe Lake by Geo Rowe this morning about 9 am.

I reported to Mr. Bartlett over the phone and he wired for the coronor and County Crown Attorney.

Body found by Dr. G. W. Howland, M.B., M.R.C.P. of 538 Spadina Ave Toronto who Directed Guides Geo Rowe and Lowrie Dixon to Body they took same and put it near shore. Later Martin Blecher Jr. and Mr. Hugh Trainor Put Blanket over body and it remained there all day.

July 14, 1917 Mark Robinson’s Journal Entry

Saturday, July 14, 1917

Morning fine Ranger Patterson returned this morning having visited Huntsvile getting no information of importance regarding Tom Thompson. I was feeling very tired and remained at Home all day meeting trains etc

Ranger Patterson returned to Moose Lake.

Mr. Thompson Left for his home this morning.