Journal of My Last Spring



It’s grand of you to visit my site.This undertaking began as an experiment and I am unsure where it will lead. How it will play out over the longer run I am unsure. But I do hope that every time the story is told, more and more people will someday will know what I mean. This is the third time around and the story gets better with each telling.

My journal is a labour of love. I want to tell my story as truly as I can, but I am not setting any expectations for anyone. Just enjoy the story as it is happening in 1917.

So join the community of followers who want to engage and learn about my life as it was 1916-17.  Ask me questions, about art, fishing or Winnie and I will try to respond as best I can. Everything adds to the story. If you want more context, please visit the media mentions page.
As I said in the beginning, this is an experiment – it’s like writing a novel, piece by piece and carrying the readers (followers) with me as I create. It’s about exploring my life as it actually unfolds, not after the fact sanitized by some scholar. While all stories need a beginning, I believe the best stories never end – they are re-told over and over again without ending.

In closing, I hope this is enough for you to decide whether to follow me or not. I’m okay either way. That you are interested in the first place, illustrates that this venture has some worth. That’s all I’m looking for.



One thought on “Journal of My Last Spring”

  1. The banner painting has a lot of meteorology and science clearly hidden in your brush strokes … you were looking northward and there was a spring storm on the way for tomorrow. You recorded exactly what you saw and experienced.

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