The Book

I am working on a book, in the form of a memoir which I plan to publish in 2017.

The memoir is based on my tweets, my journal entries, and other material based on historical research and re-imagining of Tom’s life as it was in 1916-17.

5 thoughts on “The Book”

  1. I have found your project interesting and entertaining but I am somewhat confounded by the references and letters to and from Florence McGillivray. I have for several tears been researching her for a biography and a collection of her works and like you have read almost everything there is on Florence. I agree with the facts of their meeting at the shack but I have found no references to their correspondence or her traveling to Mowat lodge in the spring of 1917. I would be most interested in you enlightening me on these references or having in having a communication with you ( that would protect your anonymity) that could shed light on their correspondence. I look forward to further communication with you.

  2. Wow! The New Year’s Eve journal entry of a hundred years ago tonight sent shivers through me.Such a different time. Sounded like a great way to spend the the night.His legacy lives.❤

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