The Book

Tom Thomson, as the famous Canadian landscape artist, gave Canada its most enduring icons, The Jack Pine and The West Wind. But Tom Thomson, as a private man, remains an enigma. Little is known about the man and even less is known about his personal thoughts, feelings and struggles with his art and with life against the darkening backdrop of history. A century has gone by since Tom Thomson disappeared in Algonquin Park on July 8, 1917. Eight days later, a body was found, rising up from the waters of Canoe Lake. What really happened, to this day, remains a mystery.  Did he die of natural causes? Was it an accident? Was he murdered? Follow the final months and days of Tom Thomson in the revealing and intriguing pages of his journal.

5 thoughts on “The Book”

  1. I have found your project interesting and entertaining but I am somewhat confounded by the references and letters to and from Florence McGillivray. I have for several tears been researching her for a biography and a collection of her works and like you have read almost everything there is on Florence. I agree with the facts of their meeting at the shack but I have found no references to their correspondence or her traveling to Mowat lodge in the spring of 1917. I would be most interested in you enlightening me on these references or having in having a communication with you ( that would protect your anonymity) that could shed light on their correspondence. I look forward to further communication with you.

  2. Wow! The New Year’s Eve journal entry of a hundred years ago tonight sent shivers through me.Such a different time. Sounded like a great way to spend the the night.His legacy lives.❤

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