Follow Tom Up North – An Offer to Canadian Art or History Teachers

A Special Offer to Canadian Art or History Teachers.

If you are a secondary school art or history teacher and you are interested to have your class follow Tom Thomson as he ventures up north for his final spring, I have an offer for you.

I will provide 10 books free of charge (plus free regular post to anywhere in Canada and any additional books at wholesale discount) for a selected teacher who sends me a 100-200 word proposal on how you and your students would follow Tom Thomson as he goes up north to experience his last spring in Algonquin Park.

In return for the books, I would like input on how to develop an educational unit on Tom Thomson that enables students to experience his life as it was in 1917 and explores how his art impacts us as Canadians. As part of this unit, I would like to use the book, its journal entries and his real-time tweets as part of the learning.

If you are interested, please email me a 100-200 word proposal to with the subject line: ‘Tom goes up north”. You can also send me a DM to my twitter account @TTLastSpring

Deadline is midnight February 20th, 2019.



P.S. I reserve the right to choose any proposal that suits my fancy. Knowing me, there is a good chance I will choose the very first one that comes in. So if you want to increase your chance, better get to writing that email now. Finally, I am sorry I can’t give everyone free books. If you are not selected but are still keen, I can work out for you a good price.

2 thoughts on “Follow Tom Up North – An Offer to Canadian Art or History Teachers”

  1. That is so wonderfully generous!!! I will be sharing this with a few of my teacher friends. Hope you’re well. xoKate

  2. I am a friend of the relatives of Tom Thompson he lives on my street he has told me stories now he will be excited to see this

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