Letter to JEH MacDonald July 22, 1915

Mowat, P.O., Ontario, July 22, 1915

Dear Mr. MacDonald

Thanks for sending on my mail and for your letter.

Things are very quiet around the Park this summer, have so far had only 2 or 3 weeks work and prospects are not very bright as the people are not coming in as they were expected.

Of course there are a few jobs there are more guides than jobs. I have made quite a few sketches this summer but lately have not been doing much and have a notion of starting out on a long hike and will likely wind up somewhere around the French River and go up the shore to Bruce Mines and later on may take in the Harvest Excursion and work at the wheat for a month or two.

As with yourself I can’t get used to the idea of Jackson being in the machine and it is rotten that in this so called civilized age that such things can exist but since this war has started it will have to go on until our side wins out. and of course there is no doubt which side it will be, and we will see Jackson back on the job once more.

Am sending along a letter from Halifax received some time ago. Don’t know if I have anything I could send or not but if there are any of the fellows around the Bldg sending and you see any of mine that would do, tell Boughton to send it along.

Will send some sketches down in a day or so and would ask if you would unpack them and spread them around in the shack as I’m afraid they will stick together a good deal.

Remember me to Lismer and tell him that I will expect him to be up here in the fall for a month or so. If I go out west will be back about the End of Sept. and will camp from then until about November.
Regard to Mrs. MacDonald, Thoreau also to Lawren, Heming and Williamson

Yours truly,

Tom Thomson

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