March 17, 1917 Allan Cup

March 17, 1917

Earlier this evening I went to see the Allan Cup Final at the Arena. The Riversides beat the St. Patricks 7-3. So much for the Irish on St Paddy’s Day. The Riversides managed to stay ahead on the score for whole game. The Pats managed to punch in two goals in the second and one in the third, but the Riversides kept adding even more for insurance. Thus, the Irishmen did not prove beyond all contradiction that they are far superior to anyone and everything on the face of the earth. A good game, and a few good fights on the street to even out some unsettled scores made by the spectators.

I doubt I’ll be doing any more work on my canvases. The news is getting grimmer every day, and it’s becoming an unwanted preoccupation of mine to comb through the papers.

Dr. MacCallum wants a list of the paintings I made this winter.  He feels I did some pretty good stuff despite me not showing anything at the Spring Exhibition. He said that he’ll take care of selling my canvases while I’m gone for the summer.

List of canvases:

  1. Snow in October 32″x35″
  2. Early Snow 18″ x 18″
  3. Maple Saplings, October 36″ x 40″
  4. Woodland Waterfall 48″ x 52″
  5. Pointers (Pageant of the North) 38″ x 45″
  6. Chill November 34″ x 40″
  7. The Fisherman 20″ x 22″
  8. The Drive 47″ x 54″
  9. Jack Pine 50″ x 55″
  10. West Wind 47″ x 54″ (not finished)

I’m pleased with what I’ve done this winter. I’ve different things, but I never settled on one technique. Each canvas is different in its demands of me. I’m done with canvases, and I’m glad to be getting back to sketching. I’ll watch the change in the light, the snow, and the woods. I’ll watch the ice go out, spring flowers bloom and see the trees turn to green. I’ll capture each moment before it disappears forever.  In the city, I paint to escape. In the country, I escape to paint

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